Client Reviews of Crescent City Hearing Center LLC

“We are happy with our new hearing aids.  We can hear clearly what people are say on the phone.  We can hear and understand the minister’s message in church.  Tony and the staff are great and very helpful.  We recommend anyone needing hearing aids to see Tony.”

– Wilbert

“I have been in sales and was not hearing the reason or product clearly.  Now my hearing is almost perfect and sale appointments have increased!”

– Delmar

“It’s a whole new world for me, and I worked with a great staff.”

– Robert

“Hearing sounds I have not heard in years makes life more pleasurable.  I didn’t know Louisiana birds could sing.”

– Bill

“Listening to TV has become easy again.  I can hear what my Pastor is saying in church.  I am able to enjoy conversations even with larger groups of friends and in social situations without asking people to repeat all the time.”

– Ann

“Life changing!  I can’t believe the sounds I’ve been missing.  I love the iPhone bluetooth connection on phone calls.  I highly recommend Starkey hearing aids and Crescent City Hearing.”

– Fred

“This is my fourth set of hearing aids and by far the best of them all.  Now I can understand my grandchildren like never before.  I wish I’d have this company years ago!  Their staff is very friendly and makes sure you are pleased with your hearing aid experience.  I would highly recommend them to anyone!”

– Barry

“I can now enjoy the sounds of the outdoors – the clarity is amazing!  Understanding conversations, even on the phone, is so much easier now with my hearing aids.”

– Roy

“Having been hearing impaired most of my life, I realize now how much I have been missing.  Thanks to Tony I am now enjoying life and all the sound that come with it.  I am much more comfortable in my day-to-day activities.”

– Michael

“Being a professor at Tulane and LSU has become more enjoyable with better ability to communicate with my students.  Socially, conversations are so much easier to engage in.  The ability to adjust the volume has been very helpful.  With the rechargeable batteries and charger, I don’t have to worry about batteries again.  Fantastic!  It’s just what the doctor ordered.”

– Dabney

“I can actually understand what people are saying – life changing!  My hearing aids have really changed the quality of my life.  I didn’t realize how bad my hearing had gotten over time.  What a wake-up call when I got my hearing aids.  Tony and the staff are very courteous, knowledgeable, and accommodating.  I highly recommend this company.”

– Mike

“Crescent City Hearing saved my life! I am able to get involved in conversations with my friends and family!”

– Demaries

“Didn’t know I was missing what people were saying.
Now my speech is clearer .

– Carol

“Thank God for Crescent City Hearing. I can hear clearly again!”

– Moses

“I can be a part of conversations!  The staff are helpful and friendly.  My hearing aids are spectacular!  I am so glad I chose to come here.”

– Cynthia

“I enjoyed the testing process and the fact that I could try the hearing aids in my ears right after the test.  I knew immediately that the hearing aids were right for me.  I also love the remote control!  The clarity I’ve experienced with the hearing aids is amazing, and the service is fantastic!”

– Harold

“My hearing aids have changed everything.  I have more energy, focus and confidence at work, both because I can hear better and can personalize my hearing to every different work space. They’re amazing!”

– Gretchen

“I am very happy my wife convinced me to try hearing aids again.  I had tried them for 30 days with another company and didn’t like either one.  Here things are different.  Tony Goyette is the best – so understanding of my needs and questions, no rushing me through the process, no pressure to purchase or try things.  I feel very comfortable with him and my hearing aids.  My wife is happy I can hear her again.”

– Larry

“Life is better when you can hear what is being said around you!  I like the idea that they wanted me to come in every week to see if I was had any questions or problems with the hearing aids.”

– Lynn

“I’ve worn hearing aids before, but nothing compares to these hearing aids.  Talking on the phone is easy now.  I can hear my friends and family better than ever before.  I can hear in church now and the hearing aids are so comfortable.  I strongly recommend them to anyone with hearing loss.”

– Lynn

“Every time I leave Crescent City Hearing, I leave in such a great mood.  My hearing is perfect, and Tony does such a great job dealing with me in such a friendly manner.”

– Al

“The minute Tony put the Halo 2 1600 in my ears, it was like a miracle had happened.  I could hear OK with my previous hearing aids, but the Halo 2 are outstanding!  My phone calls go right to my hearing aids.  I am more self-confident and able to enjoy being with people again.  I truly am enjoying life again!  Thanks to the new hearing aids and the wonderful team at Crescent City Hearing Center!”

– Carolyn

“I have been having difficulty hearing in church due to sitting in rear pews and also hearing in group settings where background noise was moderate.  Ever since I got my hearing aids, my hearing problems have disappeared.”

– Floyd

“My wife and I are so thankful for the hearing aids.  It changed my life! I’d rate Crescent City Hearing Center a 6 on a 5 point scale!”

– Warren

“Crescent City Hearing changed my life. Suffering from hearing loss due to jet engine noise for 20+ years, I finally decided to do something about it. I contacted Crescent City Hearing. I could not be more satisfied. The staff showed genuine concern for my condition. Their mission was to help me hear things again that I had not heard for 20 years, not just sell me a hearing aid. There was no pressure, just a passion to help. Their state of the art testing procedures determined just what was right for my condition. My wife is ecstatic. Now she doesn’t have to hear me say Huh all the time and the TV and radio volume is now down to acceptable levels. I am so pleased. Thanks Crescent City Hearing!”

– Don

“I was having problems hearing my wife talk and now we can be in separate rooms and I can hear her clearly.  When we sit on the porch in the evening, I can hear the crickets chirping in the trees.  That is something I haven’t heard in a long time.  Thanks to my hearing aids and Tony I have some of my life back.”

– George

“I am extremely happy with my new investment in better hearing – and my family is even happier!”

– Joyce

“The hearing aids do a tremendous job of separating the noise from speech.  I can understand so much better in groups, meetings, restaurants, and with my family.”

– John